Propose a New Club

Want to start a new Club?

There are approximately 80 active clubs at MIT Sloan including clubs in the following categories: Business & Professional; Cultural, Regional, Religious, & Personal Affiliation; Sports & Recreation; and Arts & Culture. Official Sloan clubs may use the MIT Sloan name, access a variety of Sloan resources, create a site on SloanGroups, and apply for funding through the Sloan Senate.

Please note: You must be a matriculated student in order to propose a new club, and 50% of those proposing the new club must have 2 academic semesters remaining at MIT Sloan. New club proposals will only be considered between September 15 and April 1.

If you are interested in proposing a new club, please do the following:

  1. 1


    Browse the list of active clubs and dormant clubs to see if any existing clubs match your interests and review the Student Organizations and Governance section of the Club Officer Handbook.

  2. 2


    If you don't see anything that matches your interests, or would like to revive a dormant club, please write a proposal with the following information and send it to Nicole Willits in Student Life.

    • 1. What is the mission/purpose of your club?
      2. How will your club be different than any existing clubs, and how will it benefit Sloan students across all programs? (Have conversations with club officers of existing clubs with potential cross over or areas for collaboration. Incorporate their thoughts and feedback into your proposal.)
      3. What are your plans for events/activities for the coming year?
      4. How do you plan to raise funds for your club?
      5. How many other students have expressed interest in joining this club? Make sure you list their name, program, and graduation year.
  3. 3

    Initial Meeting

    Nicole Willits will reach out to setup a time to discuss your proposal.

  1. 4

    Proposal Review

    New club proposals will be circulated to administrative stakeholders from Student Life, Career Development Office, and Office of External Relations. Dormant club revivals do not require administrative stakeholder or senate review.

  2. 5

    Senate Review

    Administrative stakeholder feedback and the proposal is then sent on to Senate for review. The Senate will reach out set up a time for you to pitch your club at one of their weekly meetings. Note: 50% of those pitching to Senate should have more at least 2 academic semesters remaining at MIT Sloan.

  3. 6


    If approved by senate, Student Life works with approved clubs to get backend club infrastructure setup and onboard the club leaders.