Individual Funding Opportunities

The Student Experience Fund

The Student Experience Fund supports masters degree students at Sloan (EMBA, LGO, MBA, MBan, MFin, MSMS, SFMBA) with limited financial resources. Our goal is to assist students with limited resources so they can afford the cost of social events that are integral to the Sloan experience and critical to building strong social networks. This fund also offers resources to students with food insecurity, this includes EMBA, LGO, MBA, MBan, MFin, MSMS, SFMBA, and Sloan PhD in Management students. Data entered here is considered private and confidential information. (Formerly the Student Life Office Fund).

Apply for funds from the Student Experience Fund.

Immediate Needs Fund

MIT Sloan Immediate Needs Fund (INF) award is for Master's-level students experiencing a NON-RECURRING/ONE-TIME, EMERGENCY EXPENSE that could not have been anticipated by the student AND make you unable to afford housing, food, or mobility (transportation). The award is designed to fill a gap after the student has exhausted all other funding options (including personal and/or student loans). INF awards will be limited to a maximum of $5,000 per award recipient per year."

Please visit this site for more information and to fill out the application.

Student Employment

Learn how to become a TA or RA

Fellowship and Scholarship Opportunities

Fellowship and Scholarship Opportunities for Sloan students

E14 VC Fellowship. Application Due July 21st.

WOC & LGBTQ+ Professional Development Fund

The Women of Color Professional Development Fund is for currently enrolled MIT Women of Color undergraduate and graduate students.

The LBGTQ+ Professional Development Fund is for currently enrolled MIT LBGTQ+ undergraduate and graduate students.