Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Where is the Club Storage Room? Who has access?

The Club Storage Room is E52-111. It can be accessed M-F from 9am-5pm via the Student Life Office (E52-101), or 24/7 via hallway access (in the 1st floor connector between E62 and E52). Club Officers have card access on their MIT ID card to access the club room from the hallway door. If you are a club officer and your card access isn't working, contact Student Life.

How can I get access to the quiet/prayer rooms?

To get card access to the quiet, prayer, or nursing rooms - send an email request to Student Life including your MIT ID#, program, and year of graduation.

Does Sloan have a Lost & Found?

Our office has the main lost and found for Sloan buildings, however not all items come to us. Consider checking offices or conference rooms near the area you lost the item. There is a Slack lost and found channel (#lost-n-found) where students share things they either lost or find. And then there is the main MIT lost and found ran by the police department located in building W89. They can be contacted at 617-253-2996.

How can I arrange a meeting with the Student Life team? Visit our meeting calendar website. Pick the team member with whom you would like to meet, and a choose a time that works well for you. If you're unsure of who you need to meet with, send an e-mail to slquestions@mit.edu. Let us know the topic you'd like to discuss, and we can recommend the best person with whom to meet.
How do I become a Space Reserver? Every spring during club leadership transitions, a Space Reserver is nominated. If your club can make a case to appoint a second space reserver, or you need to update the person in this role, please reach out to Student Life.
How do I reserve space for a non club related event - i.e. a meeting for my Ocean? Classrooms at Sloan can only be reserved by departments, faculty/staff and the designated reservation signatory of a Sloan-recognized club. Rooms cannot be booked for individual students. This type of room request must come from someone in your program office.
Who manages the classroom and public space reservations at Sloan? Sloan Educational Services (SES) manages space reservations.
How can I use the Student Life Camera? Student Life has camera's that clubs can request to use. Please email Student Life to request a camera and include: reason for needing a camera, what club it is for, and dates needed.
Can my club sell food at our table in E62? No. The contract with the company that runs the Cafe states that no outside food may be sold in this vicinity during regular business hours.
Does Student Life Provide wrist bands for events with alcohol? Yes, after registering your event, please reach out to Student Life with details of the event - club name, club event, venue, # of anticipated attendees and person picking up the bands.
Does Student Life have easels or chromebooks to borrow during event promotion and check-in? Yes, we have stock of both easels and chromebooks that can be signed out to clubs for events. Email slquestions@mit.edu.
How can I make a purchase from the MIT Sloan Logo Store? You can pay with a credit card online! 

For especially large orders for club/conference activity, officers can use the Student Life Credit Card to purchase. Please contact Student Life for more information.