Club Bylaws

Club Bylaws

Your club is required to maintain bylaws viewable by the Sloan community that clearly state the following:

  1. I

    The Purpose

    (i.e., mission) of your club.

  2. II

    Membership in your club:

    1. Clearly articulate dues requirements and corresponding member benefits.
    2. Any member of the MIT Sloan student community must be eligible for membership.
    3. Specify whether membership is open to the broader MIT student community.
    4. The club shall not discriminate based on any characteristic listed in the MIT Nondiscrimination Policy.

  3. III

    Club Officers

    1. Officer election procedure and dates (including what makes a quorum); all elections must be held by March 1 of each calendar year.
    2. Explicit eligibility requirements (e.g., are non-Sloan students eligible to hold officer positions).
    3. Explicit duties and terms of your club's officers.
    4. Removal and resignation process for officers.

    *Must include at least president(s), finance lead (or corresponding positions), and space signatory (or corresponding positions), and those three positions must be distinct current MIT Sloan students.

  1. IV


    Include: the frequency of meetings, who runs the meetings, and how decisions are made during a meeting (including what makes a quorum).

  2. V

    Amendment procedures

    Include: How the amendment is presented, how the amendment is passed, and the quorum necessary for an amendment to be passed.

  3. VI

    The Student Life Governance Clause

    The [your club name] agrees to abide by Sloan Values and the recognition requirements of the Sloan Student Clubs. These bylaws, and any amendments to them, shall be subject to review by the MIT Sloan Student Life to ensure that they are in accordance with the aforementioned requirements.