Scope & Vision - Event Planning

Scope & Vision

Leading a student event is a rewarding yet challenging undertaking. Before you come in to meet with Student Life and begin the planning process, we recommend that you reflect on how you can leverage this experience to practice your management skills and ensure a successful outcome.

Framing questions

  • What is the vision and purpose of the event?
  • Why are you choosing to take the event on?
  • What do you plan to gain from this experience? Personally? As a professional? What skills do you want to develop?
  • How will you work effectively with a team of peers? How will you motivate them?
  • What will a successful outcome look like to you?
  • What purpose is this event going to serve for the attendees? Why should they participate? What do you want them to gain from their experience?
  • How do you plan on meeting these expectations? How will you know you have met them?
  • Who are your other stakeholders? Who will be investing time in your event and taking something away from it?
  • How will this event affect your stakeholders six months after the event? One year? Three years?