Club Finance

Money Matters: How to pay things as a student organization at MIT Sloan.


Spending Money as a member of the MIT Community

The Sloan School of Management expects that student groups will manage their funds prudently and for the benefit of the entire group and the student body at large. Student group funds are not to be used for personal items or meals. It is the responsibility of the group's leadership, and in particular the Club Finance Lead, to ensure that enough money is in the group account to cover any expenditure and that the funds are not abused.


Are you stuck, or have questions? Contact Student Life's Financial wizard, Rebecca Bourke for help!



Club Finance Lead Role

Each group must appoint a Club Finance Lead who will be responsible for ensuring that your group's funds are used for the benefit of all its members. The Club Finance Lead will also approve all expenditures and submit all deposits. Your group's annual budget is due to Student Life in the spring as part of the Club Renewal Application process. In the fall, groups submit their annual budget as part of the Senate funding process. Also keep in mind that you may be required at any point to submit an event-specific budget.

Club Finance Leads must review the club finance lead training before they are granted access to view their club financial reports on Atlas.

Collecting Money

Student orgs. can access more funds than what's allocated from Senate.

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Spending Money

There are four ways to submit payments for club-related expenses.

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Students orgs. can acquire additional funds through sponsors.

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