MIT Sloan Admissions Office

Primary Contact: 
Terrell Williams, Associate Director

Secondary Contact:
Katherine Farrar, Associate Director

The Admissions Office recruits, selects, and enrolls a diverse group of students who have integrity, strong leadership potential, high aspirations, and exceptional intellectual ability. Prospective Sloanies often ask about club activities and appreciate any opportunity to connect with current students!

Ways your club can get involved:

  • Establish an online presence where we can direct prospects to learn more about your club (i.e., a website addressing FAQs from prospective applicants is a great way to share more about your club and minimize email back and forth)
  • Host an online event (i.e., moderated panel about your club, conference, or other activity)
  • Respond to inquiries from prospective Sloanies
  • AdMIT outreach - phone calls, emails, and possible videos
  • Content: Share videos, photos, social media posts, etc. about your clubs and conferences so we can share with prospective applicants through our social media and marketing channels. Use #MyMITSloan on social media
  • Designate club admissions liaisons to be point persons for prospects and admissions team
  • Encourage club members to sign up for individual admissions opportunities to ensure presence in front of prospective applicants (class visits, interview lunches, coffee chats, info sessions)
  • We're open to other ideas. Let us know how you'd like to collaborate!

Career Development Office (CDO)

Contact Information:
Stop by our office: E52-331
Email us:
Call us: 617.253.6149

The Career Development Office partners with club leaders to help build relationships with key employers and create career programming that aligns with the interests of various club memberships. Here are some sample ways that the CDO can support you:

Tools & Data

  • Provide industry insights, data and report highlighting trends
  • Create and share custom resume books upon request

Student Engagement and Marketing

  • Collaborative marketing to drive student engagement
  • Grow and contribute to Club's presence on YourCDO (e.g. Career Stories, blogs, landing page, etc.)
  • Fuel membership and engagement by providing contact information of incoming students who have expressed interest in your particular club
  • Thought partnership on career-related programming ideas relevant to recruitment cycle
  • Brainstorming career-readiness relevant themes and timely topics for events and programming (e.g. interview preparation, developing effective marketing materials, effectively navigating the offer process)

Events, Logistics & Connection to the Market

  • Serve as source of continuity to be useful during Club transition and year-over-year succession
  • Communicate needs, goals, and sentiments between Employers, Clubs and the CDO
  • Share relevant job postings and career-related events to be passed along to your club members
  • Identify strategic collaborations for events and speakers (e.g. with other Clubs, industry experts and alumni)
  • Facilitate and/or moderate career-related panels
  • Provide event support by collaborating on selecting dates that increase attendance and minimize programming conflicts
  • Liaise with companies interested in hiring our students. If a company reaches out to your club, connect them to the CDO team. This will establish a sustainable relationship that will continue past your graduation
  • Develop relationships with companies of interest through sharing of desired company lists between clubs and CDO liaison(s)
  • Act as a sounding board for organizing career treks (timing, hosts, etc.)

Leadership Center

Contact Information:
Abby Berenson, Associate Director
(617) 324 - 3794

The MIT Leadership Center (MLC) considers leadership to be set of decisions, actions, and behaviors (made by anyone at any level) that ultimately influences or enables people to come together to effectively solve challenging problems and/or achieve shared purpose. We also believe that, in today's organizations, leadership occurs at all levels, not just in the "C" suite. Given the collaborative leadership needed to solve today's complex problems, MLC fosters leadership development through active classroom and experiential learning interwoven with executive leadership coaching. These immersive, active learning experiences position students to lead in any context.

Office of External Relations (OER)

Primary Contact:
Leah Ofsevit, Senior Associate Director, Alumni Relations
Please direct all inquiries to:

How We Can Help You

If your club is interested in connecting with alumni, the Office of External Relations will be happy to facilitate connections with alumni who are already engaged with MIT Sloan. Additionally, if your club is participating in a trek, we can connect you with the alumni communities wherever you go. This can mean helping to host social gatherings or assisting in scheduling meetings at particular companies of interest. If you have any questions about connecting with our MIT Sloan alumni community, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Marketing: Ways We Can Promote Your Club Events

  • Regional volunteers – we can ask MIT Sloan Clubs and Sloan 5 groups (located around the world) to promote events or conferences.Virtual Programs Digest – we can share your events (dependent on size and alumni involvement) in our monthly newsletter
  • Virtual Programs Digest – we can share your events (dependent on size and alumni involvement) in our monthly newsletterSocial media – our Communications staff can either share or retweet content from your accounts
  • Social media – our Communications staff can either share or retweet content from your accountsWord of mouth – members of our office meet with hundreds of alumni annually, all over the world, and we can help spread the word through these meetings.
  • Word of mouth – members of our office meet with hundreds of alumni annually, all over the world, and we can help spread the word through these meetings.

What We Need From You

  • Advance notice – as much as you can provide! At a minimum, 8 weeks is preferable when inviting alumni attendees.Text, links, hashtags – anything you want us to push out to alumni about your club or events.
  • Text, links, hashtags – anything you want us to push out to alumni about your club or events.Any additional information that would be good to have!
  • Any additional information that would be good to have!

Final Note

Plan to set up a meeting with us early in your planning stages for the upcoming academic year. We can schedule a conference call or meet in person as needed to start the planning process.

Office of Communications

E90 | 9th floor

The Office of Communications (OC) is dedicated to sharing MIT Sloan's stories with the world, raising awareness of the people, ideas, and talent that could only come together at MIT Sloan.

The OC works with student clubs and organizations on events and conferences by:

Guidelines / Questions to Consider:

  • What are your goals for the event? Who are your audiences, and who do you want to reach? Do you want to increase attendance? Or do you wish to spotlight certain students or a guest speaker? Your goals will shape your resulting promotion.
  • Are your guest speakers or collaborating organizations willing to speak with media? Do they want to publicize the event or plan to independently? MIT has use of name guidelines that you should review with all sponsors and collaborators.
  • Developing an effective promotional campaign takes time. Please do not hesitate to contact the OC early in your planning process and ASAP when you have set your event date.

Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)


MIT Sloan's Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) partners with and supports staff, students, faculty, alumni, and other members of the MIT community to create proactive, research-supported initiatives and programs aligned with MIT's Values. The MIT Sloan Office of DEI:

  • Advances data-supported, metrics-driven strategies to create and sustain more diverse, equitable, and inclusive spaces at MIT Sloan
  • Centers student, staff, faculty, and alumni voices
  • Creates networking opportunities for underrepresented audiences and allies

Learn more about the MIT Sloan Office of DEI. We welcome your questions and feedback.