Club Funding

Club Funding Guidelines

Senate's overall criteria for club eligibility to receive funding is as follows:

  1. Officers of club have completed Student Life Officer Training
  2. Transparency around club dues

If eligible, clubs will be funded accordingly:

  1. Clubs that have a budget gap between what the club has in their current balance and what their planned events are for the remainder of the semester will receive a stronger funding consideration
  2. DEI-focused events will be funded first
  3. We are focusing on quality and event attendance this year, as such, thoughtful cross-club/program events will receive more consideration
  4. Other events or necessary operational expenses will be funded second, prioritized based on level of detail provided, stated probability of occurring, and number of projected attendees

Funding requests must meet following criteria:

  1. <$25/person
  2. No speaker fees
  3. No swag, no treks, no retreats, no conferences, and no C-F(x)'s (C-F(x)'s are funded through a different application managed by the Student Life Office
  4. Operational expenses must be clearly laid out and essential to club function
Other Funding Options
Fall 2023 Funding Timeline
  • Friday, September 15: Application Opens
  • Sunday, September 24 at 11:59pm: Application Closes
  • Wednesday, October 4: Funding Decisions Announced
Sprint 2023 Funding Timeline
  • Friday, February 24: Application Opens
  • Sunday, March 12 at 11:59 PM: Application Closes
  • Friday, March 17: Funding Decisions Announced