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Caring, Contribution, and Community

The Student Life Office at MIT Sloan promotes caring, contribution, and community across all of MIT Sloan's degree programs. We work in close partnership with the many student service teams at Sloan and across MIT. We are here to help students navigate their MIT Sloan experience and the many resources at their disposal while supporting a diverse and caring student culture.

Caring—We provide advising and coaching to advance your success, and we support initiatives to promote individual well-being and a respectful and caring community.

Contribution—We support student initiatives for learning, leadership, and impact outside the classroom by providing you with opportunities to organize and run clubs and events; participate in student government; and plan conferences, study tours, and treks.

Community—We produce School-wide events and programs that build community, promote diversity and inclusion, and enhance the principled and values-centered culture that defines MIT Sloan. We also partner with students to support their events and initiatives.

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Student Life

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