MIT Sloan Veterans Club

Empowering veterans and service members to make their mark in the world.


Supporting transition and continued service.

Helping prospective students

While the application process can be daunting, the SVC is committed to helping other veterans reach their personal and professional goals. MIT Sloan looks to create a vibrant learning environment rich in diverse ideas and life experiences. We believe veterans from all backgrounds help meet this goal. The SVC can help prospective students, from ensuring a good program fit, decoding the application process, to providing personalized feedback.

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Support for current students

The SVC looks to continuously build and support our current students through career development, networking opportunities, job search assistance, and community support to veterans and their families.

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Member Benefits

1.) Emotional, psychological, and physical support from like-minded Veterans undergoing the transition process in order to help our community be as successful as possible in their personal and professional endeavors.

2.) Access to exclusive networking and job opportunities along with assistance during the job hunt.

3.) Unlimited entry to the greater MIT Veterans Association club room beneath the Muddy Charles.

4.) Ability to connect with and learn from Veterans.

Our Team

Rich Newton
Justin Mueller
Wayne Pak
VP of Admissions
Hannah Constantakis
VP of Admissions
Adam Barber
VP of Admissions
Ben Kekeisen
VP of Career Development
Sam Rose
VP of Finance