It's time to elect your Senators and your MBA community building chairs (CBCs)!

Senators: Sloan Senate represents the entire student body and is dedicated to engaging students, staff, faculty and alumni to create positive outcomes for Sloanies. Our mission is to make lasting change in this community. Every Sloan Program is represented by one Senator per ~30 students. For MBAs each Ocean has two Senate positions per year that will represent their cohort within the Senate.

Community Building Chairs (CBCs) (MBA Only): CBCs are the glue that holds the MBA community together by sharing information and planning MBA-wide and cohort-related events. Each MBA Ocean has 2 CBC positions.

Sloan Events Committee (SEC): The Sloan Events Committee works with the Student Life Office to run all of the flagship events at Sloan (Sea-Fx, Winter Gala, Sloan Olympics, etc.). The group is cross-program and is a great way to get exposure to all of what Sloan has to offer.

Representation and Responsible Voting: As you think about running or voting for your Senators and CBCs, please vote for those you believe will be the best advocate for the interests of the whole student body, especially those whose voices may otherwise be lost. Senate is most effective when it is made up of a richly diverse group of people that is representative of our diverse Sloan student population. Vote responsibly and thoughtfully!

Please consider running if you see ways in which we can improve Sloan for our diverse student population and are excited to represent your classmates.

Note: In Fall 2023, Senate will be running the elections for the MBA, LGO, and MFin programs. Students in other programs at Sloan should contact their program offices for information on how to run.

Interested in running for Senate?

Interested in Supporting Peers and want to get involved?

  • Register to attend pitches, support your classmates, and ask questions of your future representatives.


  • Monday, September 13: Election Info Session
  • Tuesday, September 18: Deadline to register to run as a prospective Senator
  • Thursday, September 21: Candidates pitch to respective cohorts
  • Thursday, September 21: Virtual voting polls open immediately after Candidate Pitches conclude.
  • Sunday, September 24 Voting polls close at 12:00 PM EST.
  • Monday, September 25: Newly elected Senators will be announced after election results are tabulated
  • Friday, September 29: Newly elected Senators join us at the Senate Retreat!first Senate meeting!*SOs, Executive MBA, Sloan Fellows, MBAn, IDM, SDM, MFin, MSMS, and PhD programs run their own elections. Please reach out to your respective programs for dates.
  • Tuesday, October 3: Newly elected Senators will join their first Senate meeting!


*SOs, Executive MBA, Sloan Fellows, MBAn, IDM, SDM, MFin, MSMS, and PhD programs run their own elections. Please reach out to your respective programs for dates.

For Questions, please reach out to the following contacts
  • CBC Candidates: Naomi O'Leary (, Carlos Zambrano (, or Dayquan Julienne (
  • Senate Candidates: Liz Hong ( or Ross Phillips (
  • Sloan Events Committee (SEC): Katie Sessa ( or Ellen Bredenkoetter (
Want to learn more about Senate?
  • Check out our website: