About Sloan Senate

We serve as the main interface between the MIT Sloan student body, faculty, and administration and represent 1300 students across 9 programs.

Mission: Rebuild and unite Sloan community to enhance the Sloan experience for all

Values: Bias-for-Action. Empathy. Transparency. Consistency.


Admissions, Academics & Careers: Advocate for inclusive admissions, enhance the learning curriculum, and support students pursuing diverse career paths

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Ensure an equitable Sloan experience and a robust DEI learning journey for all Sloanies to embark on

Operations: Reorient student body to being in-person and advance sustainable operations at Sloan

Health & Wellness: Support the wellbeing of students as they navigate campus life

Communications and Admin: Engage the Sloan community and ensure the smooth operations of Senate