MBA Impact Investing Network and Training (MIINT)

The MBA Impact Investing Network & Training (MIINT) is an experiential lab designed to give students at business and graduate schools a hands-on education in impact investing.

Educational Program

Series of lectures and workshops intended to provide MIINT fellows with foundational impact investing skills (sourcing, due diligence, impact measurement, financial valuation, and deal terms)

Mentorship and Training Series

Pairing with second year mentors who can share first-hand experience with MIINT and discuss challenges specific to each team

Investing Competition

MIT internal competition to select one team which will compete at Wharton. Opportunity to win $50-100K for an impact startup, practice the end-to-end investing process and pitch to a panel of impact investors

MIINT 2023

MIINT 2020

MIINT 2019

Mi3 sources expert practitioners and thought leaders from academia and industry to host educational programs for MIINT fellows to build foundational skillsets as impact investors.