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Dec 11 | 5:30pm - 6:00pm

Mi3: Access Ventures Fellowship Info Session (Q&A with Managing Partner Bryce Butler)

Have an idea or working on a project or business that supports human flourishing? Looking for funding and a community? Join Mi3 for an exclusive Q&A session with Bryce Butler, Managing Partner of Access Ventures. This event is for students who are interested in Access Ventures' transformative fellowship program. AV Fellowship Overview: This fellowship is designed for young leaders aged 22-30 who harbor transformative ideas with the potential to positively impact the world and their communities. As a fellow, you can expect: Research Funding: Receive a $20,000 stipend spread over 12 months, enabling you to explore and develop your idea while acquiring the necessary resources for success. Personal Development: Engage in a comprehensive program aimed at building and nurturing leadership skills, equipping you with the strategies necessary to bring your ideas to life. Expert Resources: Access a network of industry experts and receive tailored opportunities to support your unique needs. Connection: Immerse yourself in a vibrant community through virtual and in-person gatherings with fellow cohort members and industry leaders, fostering a collaborative environment for growth. About Access Ventures: At Access Ventures, we envision a world in which everyone is seen and known—one that functions in such a way that all people thrive. Access Ventures is an impact multiplier empowering people to live lives of purpose, significance and value by first believing people are at the heart of any lasting and transformative change; and then creating solutions that foster greater flourishing. Our mission is to revolutionize the global investment landscape through a blended finance approach and a one-pocket mindset, proving that financial return and social impact can coexist while nurturing the next generation of changemakers and improving access and agency for all.

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Dec 11 | 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Mi3: Small Group Dinner with Professor Jason Jay

Join Jason Jay for a small group dinner and learn about his career and work in sustainability. This will be a dynamic discussion where students will get to engage in open conversation and ask questions. Members will have priority registration. General registration will open Thursdays the 7th. Jason Jay is a Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management and Director of the Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan. He teaches courses on leadership, strategy, and innovation for sustainable business. Jason engages students and alumni in hands-on projects with leading companies and organizations. These efforts help build a community of innovators for sustainability that includes MIT students and alumni, faculty and researchers, with partners in business, government, NGOs, and hybrid organizations. Jason’s research focuses on how people navigate the tensions inherent in the quest for sustainability, as they simultaneously pursue their own self-interest and the flourishing of human and other life. This work includes deep case studies of cross-sectoral collaboration and hybrid organizations that combine social and business goals. These case studies have been published in the Academy of Management Journal and California Management Review. He also contributes to the MIT Sloan Management Review, Stanford Social Innovation Review, and Greenbiz on the topic of sustainability-oriented innovation (SOI). A key finding of his research is that social innovation occurs through authentic conversations that hold the tension between divergent values and perspectives. With Gabriel Grant, he is the author of Breaking Through Gridlock: The Power of Conversation in a Polarized World. As a facilitator and consultant, Jason has helped advance sustainability strategy with companies like Biogen, Novartis, and Bose. He is a research partner and facilitator for the EDF Climate Corps and its network of companies. He has contributed to the strategy and curriculum of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Social Innovation and Change Initiative as a faculty affiliate. Prior to MIT, Jay ran an internet startup, traveled around the world, taught kindergarten in a progressive preschool, and worked as a consultant with Dialogos International, where he consulted on leadership development and organizational change for major international corporations and NGO's including BP and the World Bank. Jay holds an AB in psychology and a Master's in education from Harvard University, and a PhD in Organization Studies from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

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