Maximiliano Tommasi
Seamus Cassidy
Nkiru Anizoba
Lydwien Mathijssen
Chengfeng Mao
Lakshmi Savaram
Allie Harris
Ilona Balagula
Roxanne Moslehi
Jose Ramos Alvarez
Carolina Blain Campos
Jeremy Scharf

Board of Champions

Our BoC is a group of individuals who believe in our mission and are committed to making it a reality with us.

Abby Berenson

Sr. Associate Director

Jose Alvarez

HBS Sr. Lecturer

Kathleen Stetson (Sloan '14)

Founder - Rational Confidence

Matthew Bellows

Co-Founder & CEO BodesWell

Miro Kazakoff (Sloan '11)

MIT Sloan Sr. Lecturer