Mindfulness & Leadership

We believe that self-awareness development through education, resources, and regular practice is the key to creating thoughtful, innovative, and compassionate leaders.


"Mindfulness, which is simply the ability to hold your attention to something, is the most under-appreciated skill in our busy, materialistic world. But you know it when you meet someone who is mindful - it feels like they are with you, paying attention, curious about you and what you see. Learning about and training in mindfulness as part of a leading MBA program is a natural fit, and long overdue."

Matthew Bellows

Co-Founder & CEO


"To provide an opportunity for MBA students to maintain or to build a mindfulness practice while in business school feels critical to creating leaders who live from a place where they know what it means to be human. It ensure that they will show up better to help solve the world's most important problems."

Abby Berenson

Sr. Associate Director

MIT Leadership Center

"Organizations magnify the best and worst impulses of their leaders. Leaders who are unaware of their own impulses and drives pervert organizations to serve their egos. Only leaders who cultivate mindful awareness of themselves and others have a shot creating organizations that balance and maximize the benefits for every stakeholder."

Miro Kazakoff, Sloan '11

Sr. Lecturer

MIT Sloan

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Events & Activities

Weekly meditation sessions led by our team or community members.

Exclusive Resources

Mindfulness in Practice speaker series with a wide range of global business leader


Interactive workshops on how you can incorporate mindfulness into your leadership style.

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