Significant Other Policy

As an MIT Sloan Student, you are permitted to request access to a Sloan account for your significant other (“SO”). This account will provide your SO with access to a variety of MIT systems including Sloan Groups.

Requesting access for your SO means that you as a student are accountable for their behavior and actions within the community. When you submit this form, you are agreeing that your SO will abide by all MIT Policies, including without limitation relevant policies in MIT Policies and Procedures and the MIT Mind and Hand Book. Your SO must also share MIT Values of excellence and curiosity, openness and respect, and belonging and community. If your SO does not adhere to MIT Policies and Procedures and MIT Values, or if their status changes and they are no longer your SO, their MIT access (e.g., SloanGroups, Community Events, Kerberos) will be revoked, and they will no longer be granted the privileges afforded to MIT Sloan SOs.

Should a problem concerning your SO and another student arise, you or another community member may submit the issue to the Sloan Student Life Office ( The Student Life Office will gather information and decide what action, if any, is appropriate. MIT reserves the right to require corrective actions, refer the parties to other offices and resources, and/or remove all access and privileges for the SO. MIT also reserves the right to take disciplinary action against the sponsoring student for the SO’s conduct as necessary and as determined by relevant Institute staff.