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Please note: Due to the Coronavirus, all in-person seminars have been cancelled until further notice. However, some Seminars will be offered during Summer 2020 virtually via Zoom:

The Economic Sociology Seminar
 The Virtual Quantitative Marketing Seminar

You can visit all of our seminars pages by clicking the "Seminars" tab above and selecting the seminar you are interested in for their schedule and link to their website.

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MIT Sloan offers the following research seminars:

Behavioral & Policy Sciences

  • B-Lab Seminar (Organized by the Behavioral Research Lab)
  • Blockchain and AI Seminar
  • China Seminar
  • MIT Economic Sociology Seminar (ESS, Spring semester only)
  • Institute for Work & Employment (IWER) Seminar
  • Organization Studies (OS) Seminar
  • The Sustainability Lunch Series
  • Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Strategic Management (TIES) Seminar

Economics, Finance & Accounting

  • Accounting Seminar
  • Applied Microeconomics Seminar
  • Finance Seminar
  • Organizational Economics Lunch Series
  • Seminar in Organizational Economics

Management Science

  • Health Systems Innovation (HSI) Seminar
  • Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE) Lunch Seminar
  • Marketing Seminar
  • Operations Management Seminar
  • Operations Research Center (ORC) Seminar
  • System Dynamics Seminar

For a detailed schedule of each seminar, please click on the "Seminars" tab above and choose your seminar. Click on the "Seminar Links"  tab above to visit each seminar's individual website.









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