Self-knowledge is an essential component of effective leadership. By participating in the Leadership Foundations program,
you will gain self-awareness, connect with peers, and explore leadership development areas for your time at Sloan.

—Abby Berenson, Sr. Associate Director, MIT Center for Leadership

What is Leadership Foundations?

The MIT Leadership Center offers a range of learning experiences to foster your leadership development journey while at Sloan. To initiate your exploration, the Center offers to newly admitted MBA students ,the Leadership Foundations program, which provides you with a pre-campus-arrival opportunity to assess and reflect on your current leadership capabilities and development goals. It's also an opportunity to connect with new peers.

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Our Tools

x360 Assessment

Reflecting cutting-edge leadership research developed by Sloan faculty and experts worldwide, we ask you to complete the x360 Leadership Development Survey. This online survey aggregates observer feedback and your self-assessment of your leadership capabilities. Observers can be managers, peers, direct reports, and other individuals who provide honest feedback about your leadership acumen.

Leadership Capabilities Report

The x360 compiles your self-assessment and observer feedback into a comprehensive, individualized Leadership Development Report. To generate a report, you will need feedback from at least five observers along with your self-assessment.

Reflections Worksheet
The reflections worksheet helps you to distill learning from the x360 and combine it with your values, aspirations and lived experience to create a departure point for discussing leadership development goals.

Program Phases


Complete the x360

Take the x360 to get a snapshot of your leadership capabilities, based on your self assessment and a minimum of five observers who provide their feedback. You choose your observers. Receive a comprehensive, individualized Leadership Development Report.


Complete a reflections worksheet

After viewing the videos, reflect on the report's feedback. Use the worksheet we provide to help facilitate your reflection process. Please, return your completed worksheet to us so that we can assign you to a small, peer group (1-3 persons) and guide to explore what you have learned.


View two videos

Watch Professor Deborah Ancona's video, which describes the three building blocks of the model behind the x360. In a second video, learn from Tracy Purinton, Senior Director, MIT Leadership Center, how to read the x360 leadership development report.


Explore your leadership development goals

In a guided session with peers, explore the patterns you observe from your report and begin to set leadership development goals for your time at Sloan. Increase your self-awareness, explore goals, and have meaningful conversations with new peers. Trained Sloan faculty, staff, and alumni lead sessions.


MBA Class of 2025 Timeline





2 minutes

Sign-up for x360 survey participation

May 19

10 minutes

Enter Observers into Learning Bridge (x360 platform)

June 2

20 minutes Complete x360 Survey Self Assessment June 23
Observers Complete x360 Survey Assessment June 23
Receive personalized x360 Leadership Development Report (via email) June 28
Complete Video and Reading Prework (materials for understanding your report) Prior to meeting with guide
Submit Completed Reflection Worksheet (Required for meeting with Guide) July 13
90 minutes Meet Virtually with Assigned Guide and One Peer for Leadership Development Discussion Session July 17 - August 25