Who are we?

Launched in Spring 2023, Made in MIT (MiM) is a Sloan-led transdisciplinary student group that combines the creativity of fashion and the ingenuity of technology to redefine the boundaries of style. There are 3 missions:

Foster Collaboration and Innovation: We aim to seamlessly integrate art, technology, and commerce within the MIT ecosystem, creating bridges to the wider industry. Our campus is teeming with groundbreaking textile and fashion innovations; we believe that by fostering collaboration, we can unlock our potential and establish ourselves as key players in the industry.

Cultivate Creative Expression: MiM serves as a dynamic platform for graduate students to channel their creative energies. MiM showcases a wide array of talents—from magazine publishing, to event production, fashion modeling, materials innovation, to textile art and design, etc. —highlighting the diverse skills and quirky spirit of our community. We take pride in our uniqueness and strive to offer an avenue for every student to express themselves freely.

Empower Through Fashion: We challenge the conventional narratives surrounding beauty, using fashion as a tool for empowerment and positive change. Our aim is to inspire confidence and resilience, bringing the confidence of a catwalk to all walks of life. We recognize that fashion is an everyday affair and believe in its power to be a formidable force for representation and social impact when wielded thoughtfully and inclusively.

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Our Team

Matthew Roman Profile

Matthew Roman

Show Director
Aïda Diallo Profile

Aïda Diallo

Finance & Partnerships VP
Yifan Wang Profile

Yifan Wang

Event Management & Marketing VP
Nathan Wiegand Profile

Nathan Wiegand

Bria Hardin-Boyer Profile

Bria Hardin-Boyer


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E: MiM.officers@sloangroups.mit.edu

Made in MIT

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