MIT Sloan Management Consulting Club (MCC)

The MCC is a student-run organization dedicated to preparing our fellow students for careers in management consulting.


About Us

Think of the MCC as a supplementary resource for your consulting recruiting journey, beyond what the CDO and other MIT services provide.









Member Benefits

Industry Orientation

Members learn more about careers in consulting through community events and student panels where second-year MBA members discuss their summer internship and recruiting experiences.

Interview Prep

A series of comprehensive training sessions aimed at preparing members for all aspects of the recruiting process is hosted by the club before internship interviews. Members also receive a copy of the Sloan Casebook to assist in practicing for the unique case-style interviews employed by most consulting firms.

Peer Coaching

Through the Pilot Program, recruiting members are matched with those that successfully landed summer internships and/or full-time job offers at top consulting firms for a personal introduction to mock case practice. While this initiative is designed for students in non-executive programs, students in those programs should work with their CDO Advisor and James Morrison to discuss additional options

Our Team

Pallavi Krishnamurthy Profile

Pallavi Krishnamurthy

Vice President, Community
Cristina Mondragón Profile

Cristina Mondragón

Vice President, Casebook
Elizabeth Stasior Profile

Elizabeth Stasior

Vice President, Training
David Packer Profile

David Packer

Vice President, Finance
Shawn George Profile

Shawn George

Vice President, Training
Astrid Hung Profile

Astrid Hung

Vice President, Pilot Program
Kristina Vorndran Profile

Kristina Vorndran

Vice President, Data & Marketing
Lily Zhu Profile

Lily Zhu

Vice President, Pilot Program
Muele Wilcox Profile

Muele Wilcox

Abhi Parikh Profile

Abhi Parikh