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About Us

Our goal coincides with the overall mission of MIT Sloan: Developing principled, innovative leaders whose innovation and work will advance global infrastructure, making it sustainable and available to all.

The mission of the Infrastructure Club is to increase awareness of the infrastructure asset class among the MIT Sloan community. The club covers a wide range of topics, such as infrastructure private equity, project finance, infrastructure technology, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Sector coverage includes both traditional infrastructure (e.g. power, roads, rail, airports, water, etc.) and next-generation infrastructure (e.g. EV charging networks, battery storage, hydrogen distribution, smart motorways, data centers, power-to-x, etc.)









Member Benefits

  • Invitations to plan and attend business networking events with industry partners.
  • Invitations to participate in monthly club meetings with MIT Sloan students and other students/alumni from other MIT schools and local schools.Membership on the club email list through Sloan Groups.
  • Membership on the club email list through Sloan Groups.
  • Access to project finance training given annually by club leadership.
  • Access to materials produced or provided by the club.

Events & Activities

We host 10+ events each academic year, with a range of organizations that offer diverse perspectives on infrastructure. Past events have included banks, investment funds, public-sector agencies, and developers.


Through events and our own club community, we foster a community looking to make a better, more prosperous world through good infrastructure.


Our leadership team hosts an annual training series in project finance. Starting with general principles, the series includes focused sessions on sectors (such as clean energy, transportation, or telecoms) and financing mechanisms.

Our Team

Mikkel Gutierrez Profile

Mikkel Gutierrez

Outgoing Co-President
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Andre Ferreira Schweizer

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Pablo De la Fuente Gonzalez

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Ahmed Elsherbiny

Outgoing Co-President
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Andres Besa

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Ross Phillips



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