Sloan Hockey Club

To promote the game of hockey at all skill levels  within the Sloan community. We're just trying to capture the spirit of the thing.


What is the Sloan Hockey Club?

The hockey club generally plays games from mid-October through mid-March. Most games are played through MIT's Intramural program at the Johnson Ice Arena inside the Zesiger Center. There are also opportunities to play against other MBA programs through tournaments and travel games.

B League

Did you play organized hockey at the high school or college level? Then the B league is your spot. Players wear full equipment during B League games.

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C League

Have you skated before, but want to get more comfortable with hockey? The C League is for you. Some players do not wear pants or shoulder pads.

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D League

Never played hockey or skated? Just looking to try it out and have some fun? The only equipment needed are skates and a stick. The rest can be rented from the Z Center.

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Travel Tournaments and Games.

Sloan has historically played in up to three tournaments. Tuck hosts a tournament in mid-February, HBS in late-March, and Wharton in April (this tournament is exclusively for novice players). The Club helps organize travel and lodging to these tournaments and more information will be available over the course of the fall semester.

Jersey Sales

Team jerseys are available for all members of the club. We will send out more information to club members each fall about how to purchase. Please join the club on SloanGroups!

Our Team

Sebastien Boyer Profile

Sebastien Boyer

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Conor Briggi

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Eric Shaw

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Kyle Moynihan

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Mitchell Henstock

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Olivia Jones

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Anna Ye


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