MIT Sloan Global Security Technology Club

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Our democracy faces threats, inside and out. We can and must shape technology to help the good guys secure our future.

The Purpose of the Sloan Global Security Technology Club is three-fold. First, to develop MIT students' professional networks in the growing defense technology and defense entrepreneurship fields. Second, the club will bring top-tier career opportunities from innovative small defense firms and larger, more traditional companies in this field to campus. Third, the Sloan Global Security Tech Club will serve as an educational hub for people of all backgrounds to learn about the defense industry and broader ways that public and private sector teams solve security problems. We will educate newcomers and focus people already familiar with the field.









Members Benefits

We bring CEOs, political leaders, and recruiters to campus to talk about how our careers can strengthen security technology. As a problem-centric club, we cover a broad range of industries from defense, cybersecurity, and aerospace to analytics, policing, computing, and finance. Members get all this plus exclusive events and lots of free lunches.

MIT x HBS Technology and National Security Conference

The Global Security Technology Club at MIT is partnered with the Aerospace and Aviation Club at HBS to run the annual Technology and National Security Conference each Spring. The Conference brings together practitioners and thinkers from the public and private sectors to discuss the challenges, opportunities, and emerging dynamics confronting the global defense establishment.