Entrepreneurship Club

Fostering entrepreneurship across the broader MIT Sloan community.


About Us

The MIT Sloan Entrepreneurship Club aims to reignite the spirit of entrepreneurship across the Sloan community and to offer an intimate support system for entrepreneurs and those interested in startups at Sloan.

Our Team

Tom Luly Profile

Tom Luly

Chief of Staff
Emre Tok Profile

Emre Tok

Mahua Mukherjee Profile

Mahua Mukherjee

Serephina Ha Profile

Serephina Ha

Agustina Soriano Sergi Profile

Agustina Soriano Sergi

VP of Treks
Sophie Long Profile

Sophie Long

VP of Partnerships
Brent Jiang Profile

Brent Jiang

VP of Sponsorships
Santiago Tagle Llamosas Profile

Santiago Tagle Llamosas

VP of Events
Jenny Cang Profile

Jenny Cang

VP of Treks
Tobias Beck Profile

Tobias Beck

VP of Events
Emma Larson Profile

Emma Larson

Chief of Staff
Nayantara Mehta Profile

Nayantara Mehta

Program Manager
Jonathan Wang Profile

Jonathan Wang

SVP of Community
Lina Jawadi Profile

Lina Jawadi

VP of Events
Janice Lam Profile

Janice Lam

Matthew Cohen Profile

Matthew Cohen

SVP of Partnerships
Michael Nieset Profile

Michael Nieset

Shira Rieke Profile

Shira Rieke

SVP of Treks
Madison Myers Profile

Madison Myers

SVP of Treks
Neelesh Bagga Profile

Neelesh Bagga

SVP of Events
Pooja Malhotra Profile

Pooja Malhotra

SVP of Branding
Glenn Borok Profile

Glenn Borok

SVP of Sponsorships