Past events

Nov 2, 2022 - Cometeer Talk and Coffee Tasting

Cometeer is one of the hottest startups in the coffee industry, and we're excited to have their Head of Coffee Product, Alex Kaplan, on-campus for a talk and guided coffee tasting of some of their flash-frozen coffees (no tasting experience is required)!

Oct 18, 2022 - SCA Green Coffee Summit Watch Party

SCA Green Coffee Summit is a virtual conference focused on the buying and selling of green coffee. We will be setting up in a lounge / large study room to livestream day 1 of the conference. Stop by to learn something new about the coffee industry or to just hang out with the club (come and go as you please). We'll also be brewing pour over throughout the day so bring your own mug.

Oct 7, 2022 - The Moon & Sea Coffee Tasting

Join us for a one hour tasting session led by The Moon & The Sea Coffee Roasters! They will be walking us through some of their blends and sharing how they started their own roasting company!

Sept 22, 2022 - Blue Bottle CEO Chat

Join us for a one hour conversation with current Karl Strovink (MBA '01), CEO of Blue Bottle! Karl will answer questions about Blue Bottle, running a coffeeshop business during a pandemic, and where third wave coffee is headed.