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About Us

The MIT Sloan Blockchain Business Club brings MIT the skills and community to create more knowledgeable, well-rounded, future leaders in the Blockchain world. We bring together a community of exceptional talents at MIT and the greater Boston area to create and accelerate the growth of startups and innovation in Blockchain and make a large positive difference to the world.









Members Benefits

Access to educational and industry-specific speakers and events

Interaction with industry leaders and participation in protocol governance

Community of like-minded crypto investors and DeFi degens

VIP access to MIT Sloan Blockchain swag

Events & Activities

Stay tuned for some exciting events for the 2022 academic year!

Exclusive Access

Participate in governance of some of the top DeFi protocols through partnerships with leading VC firms

Exciting Connections

Bringing together the best and brightest of MIT to explore the exciting world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Our Team

Gabriel Pascualy Profile

Gabriel Pascualy

Sam Broner Profile

Sam Broner

Sam Newman Profile

Sam Newman

VP of Alumni Relations
Divesh Punjabi Profile

Divesh Punjabi

VP of Programming
Matias Umaschi Profile

Matias Umaschi

VP of Programming
Hannah Shen Profile

Hannah Shen

VP of Bitcoin Expo
Duygu Clark Profile

Duygu Clark

VP of Career Development
Jaclyn Ding Profile

Jaclyn Ding

VP of Programming
Ingrid Glitz Profile

Ingrid Glitz

VP of Education
Amiya Ranjan Profile

Amiya Ranjan

VP of EMBA & SFMBA Community
Eduardo Garza de Zamacona Profile

Eduardo Garza de Zamacona

VP of Operations
Tommy Aditya Profile

Tommy Aditya

Varun Prasad Profile

Varun Prasad

VP of Education
Gabriela Torres Profile

Gabriela Torres

Matthew Nay Profile

Matthew Nay

VP of Undergraduate Community


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