MIT Sloan TAs

Spring 2022

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Getting Started

Welcome, and thank you for joining us as a TA this term!  This site is your training and resource center.  Everything that you need to know (and do!) for your TA-ship is outlined in the numbered steps below.

  • First time Sloan TAs are required to complete steps #1-6 below before the first day of classes.
  • Experienced Sloan TAs must complete step #1 below before the first day of classes, and are welcome to attend any additional trainings they would find helpful.

YOUR FIRST TASK is to complete "Set Up Your Employment" (see below).  Once you've been approved to be a TA this term, you'll be granted access to Sloan systems.  You're not legally allowed to work until this is complete.

The rest of the steps below can be completed in any order.  We recommend that you RSVP for your preferred training sessions now, and plan to complete the self-paced work a few days before the start of the term.  This will help you to put your best foot forward on the first day of classes.

Please bookmark this site so you can use it as a resource throughout the term.  We'll post updates and additional resources as they become available.

View a recording of the Spring TA Town Hall Workshop held on 1/28.

Please don't hesitate to contact us in Sloan Educational Services (SES) with any questions at all.  Have a great term!

#1. Set Up Your Employment

Complete your work authorization with MIT, so we can pay you!  Completing this process also grants you access to Canvas, a crucial tool for TAs.

self-paced, required immediately

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#2. Your Role as an MIT Employee

Learn about Institute Discrimination & Harassment Response (IDHR) services, MIT policies and procedures, and your role as a Responsible Employee.

self-paced, required

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#3. TA Roles and Reponsiblities

These readings cover essential knowledge for a TA, such FERPA, Sloan grading policies, and scheduling office hours.  Learn how to manage enrollment in your class, which is an essential TA responsibility.

self-paced, required

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#4. Attend Canvas Essentials Training

Learn how to use Canvas as a member of the instructional staff. Includes management of student enrollment and sections.

1 session required

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#5. Attend Zoom Essentials Training

Learn how to use Zoom in a classroom environment.  Covers teaching tools, managing breakout sessions, and facilitating Q&A.

1 session required, if your class has remote features

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#6. Learn How To Use Sloan Classroom Technology

Watch a short training video to learn how to use the technology in our classrooms.

self-paced, required for in-person classes

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#7. Additional Resources & Training

Improve your skills with these recommended trainings and resources.


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Dylan Girard
Colette Boudreau
Mary Camerlengo
Associate Director, Educational Services
Jiaheng Yu
Joshua DeMaio
Director, Student Funding
Karena Paukulis
Coordinator, Educational Services
Shallon Silvestrone
Manager of Instructional Technology