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Our mission at the MIT Sloan Surf Lifestyle Club is to promote and cultivate a community of individuals who share a passion for surfing and its associated lifestyle. Through organized events, activities, and educational opportunities, we strive to connect students with the local surf culture, facilitate personal growth and development, and foster a sense of environmental stewardship. We aim to create a welcoming and inclusive space for all individuals to come together and share their love for the ocean and the sport of surfing, while embodying the values of mindfulness, respect, and camaraderie.









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The Surf Lifestyle Club will differ from existing clubs at MIT Sloan in that it will provide a unique avenue for students to connect with the ocean and the sport of surfing. While there are other outdoor recreation clubs (e.g. the ski/snowboarding club), surfing’s culture is unique in its combination of physical activity, mindfulness and environmental awareness. As for the benefits to Sloan students, the Surf Lifestyle Club will offer a way to balance the rigors of academic life with physical activity and stress relief. Surfing requires a great deal of focus and presence, which can help students develop mindfulness skills and increase their ability to manage stress. Furthermore, the sense of community and camaraderie fostered by the club can help students build lasting connections with like-minded peers across all programs at MIT Sloan. It’s a particularly unique dimension on which to bring together students from a diverse set of cultures, like Brazil, Nigeria and my own home country, Australia, and share this beautiful piece of our culture with the broader Sloan community.

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