Board Fellows Program

What is Board Fellows

The MIT Sloan Board Fellows program aims to place Sloan MBA students on Boston-based nonprofit boards. The program offers students a formative early board experience to position them to serve on nonprofit boards over the course of their career. Nonprofits benefit from embedding an engaged student on their board who brings relevant work experience, expertise and a desire to contribute.

Over the past six years this program has offered students opportunities to serve on nonprofit board engagements. In 2019-2020, the team piloted an improved version of this initiative that focused on equipping Sloan students with the skills to have high quality board engagements.

Our Dual Mission


To equip Sloan students with training and experiences in board governance and social impact engagement, allowing them to become socially responsible and community oriented leaders.

Non Profits

Support nonprofit organizations by bringing passionate, smart and outstanding fellows who can leverage their academic and professional backgrounds to help them problem solve and face ongoing challenges.

We pursue this dual-mission by focusing on 3 pillars


We leverage best-in-class MIT resources and research to train fellows on nonprofit strategy and board governance


Nonprofits choose fellows. Fellows join a committee, attend board meetings and lead projects (market research, business plans, financial analysis, marketing/fundraising campaigns, web support)

Linking to MIT

Fellows provide access to an ocean of resources within MIT (advisors, research, events, exposure, recruiting, etc.)

How to get involved

Workshop Series

The three Board Fellows Training Workshops serve to build basic understanding of board functioning in a nonprofit and to prepare Sloanies to serve as a valuable board member on boards of nonprofits confidently and effectively. The Board Fellow Program works with PKG center for Public Service to deliver the workshops.

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