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Women 4 Women Spotlight

Throughout Women's History Month in March (and beyond!), MIT Sloan Women 4 Women will feature some of the incredible women at MIT Sloan who are making an impact in our community.


March 2022 Spotlights

Ann Marie Maxwell

Ann Marie Maxwell (she/her/hers) is the Associate Director, Executive Education on MIT Sloan’s Executive Education team. She is responsible for program experience and effectiveness for a portfolio of executive education programs. In addition to managing her portfolio, she collaborates with colleagues to design signature transformational learning experiences for custom clients.

The research and design phase of custom executive education programs provides a unique opportunity to explore and understand the development needs and aspirations of global executives and organizations. With this knowledge, Ann Marie works with the program team to architect potential learning journeys for clients to react to. This phase of the learning design process is a wonderful way to discover and draw connections between the incredible work of faculty and researchers across the Institute and that of executives and organizations across the globe. The collaborative and iterative approach allows her team to design and deliver unique learning journeys which are catalysts for change and impact at the individual, team, and organizational level.

Ann Marie is an inspiration for her tireless devotion to creating innovative learning experiences for our participants, putting her head, heart, and soul into every program she delivers. Ann Marie's drive for learning and continuous improvement positively impacts everyone around her. She thinks about team dynamics and encourages and challenges others to step out of their comfort zone and grow. She is passionate about the customer's learning journey and steadfast in upholding MIT's values. On rare occasions when participant behavior has fallen short of expectations, she is able to address the issue in an open, direct, and respectful way--with positive outcomes. As one faculty member put it, "She has the 'it factor' with participants. Ann Marie listens intently, her warmth is sincere, and trust is established quickly. Her ability to get the best out of everyone involved is a significant asset to MIT and the community."

Thank you, Ann Marie, for using your immense expertise to enrich our Executive Education program, and for creating a learning environment full of meaningful experiences for team members and clients alike!

Gilly Parker

Gilly Parker (she/her/hers) is the Senior Administrative Assistant to Deputy Dean Michael Cusumano, offers calendaring support for Ezra Zuckerman Sivan while on he is on sabbatical, calendaring support for Rodrigo Verdi in his role as Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning, and calendaring support for John Runyon. In her role as a member of the Deans’ Office and Faculty Affairs team, Gilly also assists with promotion and reappointment cases for faculty and updates data in the Sloan People Database (SPD).

Gilly’s nominator shares: “Every interaction with Gilly inspires me to bring kindness with me to all situations inside and outside of work. Gilly is an unsung hero in my opinion. By providing the foundation for many processes she allows others to achieve their goals. Gilly approaches each task positively, gets things done with a smile and her gentle nature can brighten anyone's day. In her role in the Deans’ Office she adapts to change, and from the outside looking in, has done so seamlessly time and time again. Gilly is genuine, intelligent, and has deep interests outside of work as well. She stands up for and is an advocate for herself and for things she is passionate about. She takes the time to get to know people, find common ground and makes others feel supported. MIT Sloan is a better place because of Gilly!”

Thank you, Gilly, for your tremendous partnership and for modeling a compassionate and authentic approach to work across teams.

Harsha Vardhini Pogunul Srinivasalu

Harsha Vardhini is a Legatum fellow and a Sloan Fellow MBA 2022 Candidate at MIT. She cofounded Vizzhy, the world’s first full stack diabetes reversal company. As she shared with SW4W: One person dies every 5 seconds due to diabetes and its complications. There were 6.7M deaths due to Diabetes complications last year alone (2021). There are half a billion people affected with Diabetes and another half a billion with prediabetes. Harsha’s aim is to make this world free from diabetes and prevent deaths due to its complications.

Harsha defied traditions and became the first female in her community in a southern remote part of India to go to college, become a working professional, move to the US, become an entrepreneur and join MIT. She has inspired many girls and their parents in her community to aim for equal access to education and financial freedom for girls. Her dream is to see every girl in her country obtain equal rights to education and financial freedom.

As Harsha’s nominator confirms: “Harsha is an inspiration to ambitious young women everywhere. Harsha is a founder, techie, a Legatum Fellow, a Sloan Fellow, an amazing mother of two and a kind friend to the Sloan Fellows cohort. The way she handles all the roles despite the various obstacles she faces is admirable. Her grit, focus and attention to detail are an inspiration for women everywhere.”

Thank you, Harsha, for your powerful advocacy for women and girls, and your immense dedication to improving educational, financial, and health care access for people around the world.

Wanda Orlikowski

Wanda Orlikowski is the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Management and a Professor of Information Technologies and Organization Studies at MIT's Sloan School of Management. Her research examines the role and influence of digital technologies in the workplace, with a particular focus on how they generate significant shifts in organizing, coordination, and accountability. Her teaching focuses on helping students develop their leadership skills and practices through courses based on the MIT Leadership Capabilities Model, which she co-developed. She co-chairs the Sloan Faculty Gender Equity Committee and is currently serving as Head of the Management Science Area. Wanda is an inspiring instructor and community member who motivates and uplifts women with her teaching, her ideas, and her values. Thank you, Wanda, for your leadership and the growth you inspire in others!

Rose Carpenter

Rose Carpenter works in the MIT Sloan Academic Areas as the Senior Associate Director of the Behavioral Policy Sciences (BPS) Group. In partnership with her incredible colleagues, she develops, implements, and manages the administrative infrastructure of the Academic Areas. Rose is a great role model who leads by example with her positive attitude and great work ethic. She is an empathetic, compassionate leader. Her collaborative approach often leads to great solutions to complex issues. Thank you, Rose, for your dedication to your team and for strengthening our community’s foundations to allow us to build better solutions and practices as we grow.

Haley Lamson

Haley Lamson (she/her/hers) is the Director of Development Events in the MIT Sloan Office of External Relations. In her role, she is responsible for strategic oversight and execution of all development events that engage, cultivate, and steward MIT Sloan alumni and friends. Haley and her team create unique experiences to inspire philanthropy to the school by bringing donors into the “inner circle” and demonstrating impact at Sloan and around the world.

Haley is a true servant leader. She has selflessly served MIT Sloan for nearly a decade, and she has made hundreds of wonderful experiences for donors, alumni, and staff. She always thinks about others first. During Covid, she spent over one year creating and administering the tour experience for the whole school on top of her day-to-day responsibilities.

Thank you, Haley, for your commitment to our community members both near and far. We admire you for imagining and creating meaningful connections across Sloan, MIT, and the world.

Meredith Somers

Meredith Somers (she/her/hers) is a News Writer in the MIT Sloan Office of Communications. Her writing focuses on management issues affecting global business leaders, with an emphasis on behavioral science and organizational culture. Meredith created and developed The Bias Cut, a monthly interview series with MIT Sloan alumnae about navigating, succeeding, and supporting others in a professional world rife with gender bias. In developing The Bias Cut, Meredith sought to create a forum where women can learn from the experience of others, and where MIT Sloan alumnae can share their experiences with allyship, mentorship, and gender bias. Currently at 24 installments, this series is a regular platform for a diverse group of women, and has garnered great appreciation from outside and inside both MIT Sloan and MIT generally. Thank you, Meredith, for your creativity and dedication to celebrating and supporting women as leaders.

Urmi Samadar

Urmi Samadar (she/her/hers) is the Assistant Dean of the MIT Sloan Master of Finance program. In her role, she is responsible for providing strategic and operational leadership including overseeing an exceptional student experience, empowering a professional team, collaborating with faculty and staff colleagues, engaging alumni, deepening connections with the industry and ensuring the external visibility of the program. Urmi is the epitome of what women's leadership should look like. Through her experience and roles at MIT, she has provided guidance, support, friendship and everyday learning experiences to everyone with whom she connects. Her spirit and confidence can brighten any room and even when her plate is overflowing, she will always make time for those that need her. Thank you, Urmi, for your vision, guidance, and true caring for all members of our MIT Sloan community.

Shallon Silvestrone

Shallon Silvestrone (she/her/hers) is the Manager of Instructional Technology & Design within Sloan Technology Services, where she leads a passionate and talented team of instructional technologists and designers. Their team connects Sloan to research-driven best practices, resources, and trainings in instructional technology and design— helping and supporting the community to make an impact in the classroom and beyond. Outside of work, she’s a Big Sister with the Big Sister Association of Boston. She is also a Korean language learner at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education.

Shallon was nominated for an MIT Sloan Women 4 Women Spotlight Award for her vast wealth of professional knowledge and expertise, her strategic thinking, communication, and dedication to teaching and learning. Her positive attitude and humor, enthusiasm for teaching and learning, as well as her openness to new approaches, tools, and ideas all foster a work culture that is positive, transparent, and flexible. Shallon is more than a manager. She is a mentor, teacher, and inspiration. Thank you, Shallon, for your compassionate and innovative leadership in the MIT Sloan community!

March 2021 Spotlights

Renée Richardson Gosline

Dr. Renée Richardson Gosline is Senior Lecturer and Research Scientist at MIT Sloan. As a research head at MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy, she examines the intersection of behavioral science and artificial intelligence, running experiments on human-AI interactions and how they can affect choice. As a member of the faculty, she teaches MBAs and Executives about cutting-edge Brand strategy and ways they can develop breakthrough customer experiences. Renée is a true pioneer, paving the way for the BIPOC community as one of the very few black female faculty members at MIT Sloan. Renée's passion for her work extends towards her students. Thank you, Renée, for breaking barriers and fighting bias at all levels!

Lauren Wojtkun

Lauren is the Director of Alumni Experience for the Office of External Relations where she leads the Alumni Experience team in support of the full lifecycle of the alumni experience, from their time as students to their 50th reunion and beyond. The team works with campus partners, the Sloan Alumni Board, and alumni volunteers all over the world to support the global Sloan alumni community. Lauren is a true advocate and voice for the BIPOC community. Lauren understands the importance of getting active within the DEI space and educating her community on white privilege. Thank you, Lauren, for using your platform to help the BIPOC community and to be a voice for the voiceless!




Sanjana Shukla

Sanjana is an undergraduate student at both MIT Sloan and the MIT School of Engineering and has served as co-founder and Co-President of the MIT Finance Club, co-founder of the Discover Finance Program for incoming freshmen, and a mentor in the Sloan Undergraduate Department. She is also a member of the Society of Women Engineers, an undergraduate researcher at the Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan (CAMS) Group, and a Big Sister in the Big Sister Association of Greater Boston. Upon graduation, Sanjana will be working as an Investment Banking Analyst at Morgan Stanley. Thank you, Sanjana, for being a powerful influence and dynamic student who is not afraid of leadership at any level!



Lisa Barone

Lisa is a Coordinator for the Good Companies, Good Jobs Initiative at MIT Sloan and the MIT Institute for Work and Employment Research (IWER). She was nominated for all her hard work behind the scenes to help make the Good Companies Good Jobs Initiative a success, all while having a good laugh along the way. Thanks, Lisa, for your continued effort and being an integral part of the MIT Sloan community!

Vanessa Conzon

Vanessa is a PhD student in the Organization Studies group. One line of her research focuses on the gendered challenges women face in the workplace, and describes how organizations can better enable women’s career advancement and overall wellbeing. Outside of her research, she also mentors MIT women through a mentorship group she established. Thank you, Vanessa, for all you do!

Cyndi Chan Gately

Cyndi is the Director of Finance, Administration & Strategic Initiatives in the Office of Executive Education and is responsible for financial planning, forecasting and financial management, and overseeing and creating effective systems, policies and processes for Executive Education. “Cyndi is an amazing role model with an incredible work ethic, an ever-calm and positive attitude, and smart solutions to tough problems.” Thank you, Cyndi!

Attia Qureshi

Attia Qureshi is a Lecturer of Power and Negotiation at MIT Sloan, focusing on both the theory and practical application of negotiation to help students actively improve through cases, discussion and behavioral homework. Outside of teaching, she engages in pro bono work as a coach to help women receive higher compensation and promotions through job negotiations, and has helped dozens of women land high-paying leadership positions. Thank you, Attia, for your commitment to women’s advancement!

Helen Yap

Helen is the Behavioral Research Lab Manager in the MIT Behavioral Research Lab (BRL) and focuses on recruiting individuals for both in-person lab experiments and online studies. She was nominated for her strong work ethic and commitment to ensuring the BRL runs smoothly for all that are involved – staff, faculty, students, and volunteers. Thank you, Helen, for all that you do for MIT Sloan and the BRL!

March 2020 Spotlights

Katie Albanos

Katie Albanos (SF ’20) served on the Fellows Women's Committee and is passionate about organizing activities that bring women Fellows together to build connections and community. "The Sloan Fellows MBA program and MIT Sloan’s mission resonated with me, combining my passions for global business, principled leadership, and my desire to create diverse professional communities that support women and LGBTQ in the workplace."

Natalie Petit

Natalie has worked at MIT Sloan for over five years, most recently as Assistant Director of Undergraduate Education, and it was Natalie who spearheaded the MIT Sloan Women 4 Women initiative among staff. Natalie was recently awarded an MLK Leadership Award during MIT’s 47th Annual Martin Luther King (MLK) Jr. "I love gathering people together for a greater good and making them feel more empowered and confident in their everyday livelihood. ...There is no need to wait when it comes to creating inclusive workplace, because we as a community should feel and see it at all levels (student, staff, administration, and faculty)."