Sat, Feb 18, 2023

9 AM – 3 PM EST (GMT-5)

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MIT Machine Intelligence for Manufacturing and Operations (MIMO) and MIT Leaders for Global Operations (LGO), in collaboration with Meta, present the Deep Learning Workshop. This workshop will provide a quick introduction to deep learning with industry case studies. We will introduce PyTorch – a versatile library for building deep learning models – and walk students through what a typical machine learning train-test-deploy pipeline looks like in PyTorch along with a code lab about object detection. We will also focus on generative AI and the modalities it can be applied to (text, image, video, audio), along with some case studies of how the industry is adopting these technologies. Students will be hands-on-keyboard and will build tools such as a podcast summarizer and writing assistant using generative AI models.

1. Gain an understanding of deep learning concepts and its applications in industry.
2. Introduction to PyTorch library and the machine learning train-test-deploy pipeline.
3. Hands-on experience in building an object detection model using PyTorch
4. Learn about generative AI and its applications in different modalities (text, image, video, audio)
5. Explore industry case studies of generative AI adoption
6. Hands-on experience in building generative AI tools such as a podcast summarizer and writing assistant.
Attendees are recommended to check out PyTorch basics intro as a pre-read: and register for an OpenAI API key at
Dress Casual (jeans ok)

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