15.228 SSIM MBA Study Tours

Study Tours empower MBA students to immerse themselves in global business contexts by proposing and planning tours with faculty and staff mentorship.

About MBA Study Tours

MIT Sloan's International Study Tours are uniquely student-led and organized. This 3-unit elective course is composed of four 3-hour classes in H1 of the spring semester, leading to a 2-week expedition during SIP Week and Spring Break. Backed by faculty and staff mentorship and a financial subsidy from MIT Sloan for both participants and organizers, students create tours to acquire business insights outside the U.S., and sharpen management skills. Annually, 3 trips are approved, accommodating 20 participants, 5 student organizers, and 2 staff. Enrollment is exclusive to MBA and LGO students. This course is eligible to meet the MBA 15.005 SIP degree requirement. Seize this distinct Sloan opportunity for hands-on global business exploration!

For Participants

Learn about the international study tours themes and destinations, and the application process here

Application to join this course closes on Wednesday, November 29.

For Faculty and Staff

Review the 15.228 Participants Website here, access the comprehensive handbook and the Staff Mentor Deck here.