MBA Requirement: 15.005 Elective SIP

MBA Requirement

15.005 Sloan Intensive Period (SIP) is a unique learning experience that encourages the practice of leadership, collaboration, and innovation. Students can complete this MBA degree requirement by participating in an on-campus module or through participation in any of the pre-approved Spring Action Learning Classes listed on the right.

MBA students complete one Spring term of 15.005. It can be completed either year of the program. This graduate level course is credit-bearing and graded p/d/f. Note: LGO students are exempt from this MBA requirement.

15.005 Elective SIP

Spring 2023: March 20-23

Enroll in a class that aligns with your academic, personal or professional goals in either your first or second spring term. During your chosen semester, SIP courses must have priority over non-academic and non-Sloan courses.

Chose from the following:

  • One 3-day on-campus SIP workshop. A list of approximately five offerings will be available in early February 2023 in the Sloan Course Browser. Participate in SIP bidding in February to enroll in one of these courses.
  • 4-Day MIT Special Seminar in Leadership - Leading on Purpose (ID Lab like content, by application)
  • International Study Tours (applications are due on November 23, 2022, includes 3 units of elective course + 1 unit of 15.005 SIP)
  • Action Learning Labs: China, Asean, USA Lab, selected projects in Ops Lab (includes elective and SIP units)
  • Selected Legatum Fellow projects
  • Track related activities: ES.608 EM Track Hackathon or ES.580 E&I Track Study Tour (open to first-year students in the track)


If you are planning to complete 15.005 this Spring, please add 15.005 to your MIT registration in the Spring term by using the add/drop online form in Websis after bidding. 15.005 does not count in your 54 unit limit for the semester.

MBA 2023 students who have not completed Elective SIP, must enroll in 15.005 in the Spring to be eligible to graduate.