Certificates and Tracks

Students at MIT Sloan have the opportunity to pursue specialized certificates in Healthcare, Sustainability, Digital Product Management, and Business Analytics. These certificates offer topical coursework and extracurricular activities with key industry leaders and faculty. Students also work in teams in Action Learning projects in related fields. Certificates are open to all MIT students, which creates an exciting classroom dynamic as students from around the Institute contribute their unique perspectives to the course. Certificates must be earned in conjunction with an MIT Sloan degree; they are not stand-alone, non-degree programs.

In addition, the MIT Executive MBA program is proud to offer its first certificate offering starting with the EMBA '22 cohort: The E&I Track focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation.

When meeting with your program advisor to track certificate or track progress, please complete this self-audit ahead of the meeting:  PowerPoint  |  PDF

Business Analytics Certificate

The Business Analytics Certificate prepares students for career paths in business analytics across a variety of industries. Students can select from a wide array of electives in their vertical of interest. The classes are completed over a 2-4 semester period, including a number of options for students to learn and practice using analytics techniques in operations, finance, marketing, human capital, healthcare and sustainability.

Email the Business Analytics Certificate team at businessanalytics@mit.edu with any questions.

EMBA requirements for the Business Analytics Certificates:

  1. Register your official interest through the online enrollment form.
  2. Complete the core 15.775 Analytics Proseminar in either the Spring or Fall term.
  3. Complete 15.721 Communication and Persuasion Through Data for Executives as a January Executive Elective in either your first or second January. (As an EMBA '22, you also had the opportunity to take this class in June 2021.) If you are a local student, your other opportunity would be to take the half-term 15.286 Communicating with Data in the Spring.
  4. Complete 15.727 Analytics Edge as an EMBA Spring Elective in your second Spring term. This subject is taught during normal EMBA class weekends.
  5. Complete two additional Business Analytics Certificate electives. (Your core 15.734 Introduction to Operations Management class already counts as your required third elective.) Most EMBA students fulfill this requirement through January Executive Electives like 15.731 Risk Management, 15.737 Advanced System Dynamics, or 15.S56 LQ2 Leadership: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches.
  • Other options include completing all of the technical track assignments for your core 15.736 Introduction to System Dynamics or an approved analytics-focused action learning project from an EMBA subject like 15.701 IDEA Week, 15.705 O-Lab, or an EMBA Global Lab. To gain approval for using an EMBA action learning class, submit a request to the certificate team.
  • If you choose to take an MIT Sloan class like 15.572 Analytics Lab, 15.777 Healthcare Lab (if the project qualifies), or 15.784 Operations Lab (if the project qualifies), you will find it helpful to already have at least an introductory knowledge of the program language R in advance of taking 15.727 Analytics Edge. The Business Analytics Certificate team recommends the following self-paced online options: Data Science: R Basics or Statistics with R via EdX or the first four modules of the Data Science Specialization course via Coursera.

Healthcare Certificate

MIT Sloan students and faculty are working together to make an impact on an array of health care challenges around the world through their research, fieldwork, and leadership. MIT Sloan offers the Healthcare Certificate to all MIT students enrolled in a degree-granting program.

The certificate prepares students for career paths in the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries, healthcare consulting, management positions within healthcare delivery systems, healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship, and global healthcare delivery.

Email the Healthcare Certificate team at healthsystems@mit.edu to learn more.

Requirements for the Healthcare Certificate:

  1. Register your official interest in the certificate through this form.
  2. Complete the core class 15.777 Healthcare Lab in your second Fall term.
  3. Complete 15.141J Economics of the Healthcare Industries in either your first or second Spring term.
  4. Complete one life sciences or entrepreneurship class from the following options: 15.124J Evaluating a Biomedical Business Concept (Fall), 15.132J Medicine for Managers (Spring), 15.363J Strategic Decision-Making in the Life Sciences and Digital Health Industries (Spring), or 15.367J Healthcare Ventures (Spring).
  5. Complete an additional 9 units worth of healthcare electives from the subjects listed on the Healthcare Certificate's website. Some EMBA students will complete this requirement through an approved action learning project from EMBA subject like 15.701 IDEA Week, 15.705 O-Lab, or an EMBA Global Lab. To gain approval for an EMBA action learning project, submit a request to the certificate team. You can also submit a request to have an unlisted elective count for the certificate.

Sustainability Certificate

At MIT Sloan, we believe that there is a fundamental alignment among healthy businesses, healthy environments, healthy societies, and an economy that serves human needs. Realizing that possibility requires that we transform organizations, markets, and communities. While today’s business models have generated unforeseen levels of economic growth and technological innovation, they have also generated severe strains on our environment, social systems, and personal lives.

The overarching goal of the Sustainability Certificate is to build a community of innovators. We want our graduates to be capable of deploying new management practices, business models, technologies, and market infrastructures that make more sustainable use of natural and human resources, and advance human welfare.

EMBA requirements for the Sustainability Certificate:

  1. Register your interest in the certificate by emailing sustainability@sloan.mit.edu.
  2. Complete three core classes, only one of which is outside of the EMBA curriculum: 15.915 Laboratory for Sustainable Business (S-Lab), taught in the Spring term. The other two core classes are your core 15.700 Leadership and Integrative Management (Fall 1 module) and 15.736 Introduction to System Dynamics (Summer).
  3. Complete two sustainability-focused electives from the subjects listed on the Sustainability Initiative's website. Most EMBA students will complete the elective requirement through taking EMBA January Executive Elective like 15.735 Product Design, 15.737 Advanced System Dynamics, or 15.S52 Managing a Diverse Workforce; a Spring 2 elective like 15.723 Advanced Applied Macroeconomics; or through an approved action learning project from EMBA subject like 15.701 IDEA Week, 15.705 O-Lab, or an EMBA Global Lab. Contact the Sustainability Certificate team directly to request approval for your action learning project if you are interested in this option.

New: EMBA E&I Track

We're pleased to offer a new track for EMBA '22 students. The Entrepreneurship & Innovation (E&I) Track gives students the opportunity to deeply engage in MIT's innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

View the requirements.

EMBA requirements for the E&I Track:

  1. Complete the core 15.701 IDEA Week module in your first Spring term. (EMBA '22 students will complete this subject in Fall 2021 due to Covid-related schedule adjustments.)
  2. Complete two required January Executive Electives: 15.715 Entrepreneurial Strategy and 15.718 Introduction to Disciplined Entrepreneurship. (EMBA '22 students have also had the opportunity to take either of these subjects as November 2020 Executive Electives.)
  3. Complete one firm-level requirement. Offerings in this category are the EMBA Global Labs classes: China Lab, Israel Lab, IDEA Lab, or Global Organizations Lab (only if the participating company is a young entrepreneurial firm).
  4. Complete two entrepreneurial electives from those that appear in the requirements list. Among the options available, 15.735 Product Design is a January Executive Elective; 15.727 Analytics Edge (if the final project is based on an entrepreneurial venture) is an EMBA Spring Elective; and classes such as 15.365 Overcoming Obstacles to Entrepreneurial Success, 15.367J Healthcare Ventures, 15.615 Essential Law for Business, and 15.618 Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Startups, and the Law are typically offered as remote participation electives.
  5. Finally, you must participate in the MIT startup ecosystem in a meaningful way as outlined in the requirements document. This means taking a hands-on class, participating in a startup accelerator, receiving funding from an MIT source, competing in an MIT startup competition, or serving as a managing director for either of the major startup competitions is an absolute requirement for completing the E&I Track.

New as of 02-28-2022: Digital Product Management Certificate

Product Management is a discipline relevant to every industry. It guides every step of a product’s lifecycle—from development to positioning to pricing, focusing on the product and its customers. Research, strategy, operations, sustainability, finance, marketing, and data analysis are all part of the job. And there’s more. Demand for qualified product managers is growing, which is why this specialized certificate program was created for MIT Sloan degree program graduate students.

Learn more about the Digital Product Management Certificate here.

Although designed for students graduating in 2023, you will have the opportunity to be grandfathered in if you have completed the following requirements through in-person MIT Sloan subjects:

  1. Complete two core subjects: 15.786 Digital Product Management Lab (DPM-Lab) (January/IAP, 6 units) and 15.785 Digital Product Management (Spring H3, 6 units).
  2. Complete 27 units worth of approved digital product management electives from the list of eligible electives found here.
  3. Register your interest in the certificate by completing the survey here.

** As an EMBA '22 student eligible ahead of the official launch, you will need to express your interest and how you have completed the requirements through the survey found here.