MBA Core Mentor Fall 2023 Application

Application open through April 12

    Who is a Core Mentor?

    MBA Core Mentors are leaders and highly committed students who significantly influence building community at MIT Sloan and serve as resources for first-year Sloanies transitioning to the diverse academic, intellectual, and social culture here. Core Mentors serve as accountability partners through the core experience and help to create an environment where both risk-taking and collaborative ideas are valued methods by which to learn and improve.

    How do Core Mentors contribute?

    A Core Mentor contributes best as a mentor, liaison, and resource to their first-year students; regarding their career, academic and social priorities and obligations. They regularly check in with individual members and core team(s) to help support overall well-being. Core Mentors receive training and support from staff in the MIT Leadership Center and MBA Program Offices.​

    What are the benefits for Core Mentors?

    Join a Team

    Become part of a cohort of peers dedicated to personal and professional growth and development​ at Sloan.

    Create Community

    Build a supportive community for and relationships with first-year Sloanies.​

    Become an Influencer

    Positively impact MIT Sloan culture.​​​

    Up your Leadership Game

    Develop your leadership toolkit​​ through opportunities to train, practice, and lead. Students are encouraged to take 15.337 Teams Lab, while participating as a Core Mentor.

    Develop your Ability to Manage Across Roles and Titles

    Interface and partner with MIT Sloan administration, the Core Mentor Cohort, and core teams.

    Earn Compensation

    Each Core Mentor earns tech cash  - based on a per team amount - for participation in the program.

    Learn more about what it takes to be a Core Mentor

      MBA Core Mentor Fall 2023 Application

      Application open through April 12

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