Core Mentor
Requirements and Qualifications

Requirements and Responsibilities of a Core Mentor

. Ability to attend the following program events:
    Core Mentor Training: Sunday August 27, all day.
    MBA Orientation: August 28 - 31
    Core mentor lunches are on Mondays, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm (plan classes accordingly).

2. Schedule and complete two check-ins with assigned 1st year individuals and teams within the following timeframes:
    Check in #1: H1
    Check in #2: H2

3. Participate in two check-ins with Core Mentor staff within the following timeframes:
    Staff Check in #1: October 
    Staff Check in #2: After Thanksgiving

5. Review and facilitate a discussion with 1st year team(s) about their 15.311 Team contract(s).

Qualifications to Become a Core Mentor

  • Qualify as a rising second-year MBA student in good academic standing.
  • Be in-residence at MIT Sloan next Fall.
  • Interested to learn and apply leadership best practice throughout the core semester, from orientation through recruiting.
  • Possess strong teamwork, communication, active listening, and interpersonal skills.
  • Work effectively with a diverse group across MIT Sloan, team members, peers, faculty, and staff.
  • Exhibit flexibility, responsibility, curiosity, positive attitude,​ and willingness to help​.

Expectations of a Core Mentor


Demonstrate active commitment to Core Mentor role and responsibilities. Core Mentors don’t just check the boxes, they are invested.


Proactively seek opportunities to collaborate among Core Mentors and with first years to foster individual student and community relationships.

Personal and Professional Development

Develop or deepen team leadership skill approaches, effectiveness, and satisfaction.