Programs & Events

Our goal is for our programs and events to be inclusive of all members of the community. If you notice that the advertised accessibility provisions for one of our events or programs are insufficient to enable your participation, and would like us to secure additional services, please contact us using the form on our home page.

Learn & Connect

March 21, 2024

Participants from all across campus joined SW4W and ABAC for an event with games (giant Connect Four, Parcheesi, and Pass the Pigs), playing cards, puzzles, and paint-by-numbers kits, plus snacks and music. We also encouraged participants to share a bit about what was inspiring them this Women's History Month.

SW4W spread different activities around the room.

Participants had the chance to relax and catch up with colleagues.

Thanks to generous donations from our attendees, SW4W was able to send care packages to On The Rise, Women's Lunch Place, Rosie's Place, and Concord Prison Outreach.

We're Rooting For You!

March 30, 2023

Participants had the opportunity to relax and get creative by designing a plant pot that they could give to a colleague as a token of appreciation, keep for themselves, or send to a family member, friend, or someone else special to them. Women 4 Women provided the design materials, a plant, and some snacks; staff and students provided the artistic talent.

Managing Burnout by Finding Your Voice

March 16, 2022

This interactive session was designed to help participants identify symptoms of burnout and how to leverage and protect boundaries to prevent burnout. Licensed therapist Kelly Bonner offered a rich variety of resources and strategies, including on the topic of self-advocacy with management.

What's Your Path? Career Growth In An Evolving World

March 8, 2022

With burnout on the rise and women continuing to take on more work and family responsibilities, many are asking: How do I make time for career growth? What does growth look like for me?

Staff and students joined Dyan Madrey, Organization Development Consultant at MIT, for a panel discussion to explore career growth and the ways in which a few women staff at MIT Sloan have mapped out their careers, whether by building a new skill, taking on big project, or switching roles.

Navigating the Request-Decliner's Dilemma: How to Protect One's Time Without Hurting One's Image

March 31, 2021

More than 100 staff and students joined MIT Sloan Women 4 Women and Professor Basima Tewfik for a seminar that explored how to say "no" and protect one's time, without hurting one's image.

Unseen & Unheard: Black Women at MIT Sloan

March 29, 2021

MIT Sloan Women 4 Women presented this seminar designed to bring awareness to the unseen and unheard Black women at MIT Sloan. Facilitated by Malia Lazu, the aim of this workshop was to serve as an example on how to be an active listener, advocate, and supporter for Black women.

Wind Down Wednesday

March 17, 2021

MIT Sloan Women 4 Women hosted a virtual "wind down" night of music, games, and fun in the middle of the month to help facilitate connections with students and staff across MIT Sloan.

Ask Me Anything: Where Do We Go From Here?

September 24, 2020

Basima Tewfik (MIT Sloan Assistant Professor, Work and Organization Studies), Jo Hising-DiFabio (Assistant Dean, Sloan Fellows MBA & Executive MBA), Lola Laurence Kamdem (SFMBA '20), Kibret Ramsey (Administrative Assistant II, MIT Sloan Human Resources) and moderator Natalie Petit (Assistant Director, Undergraduate Education) discuss how to rebuild, re-energize and redefine who we are in the midst of a pandemic.

Kick-off Photo Booth

March 2, 2020

Supplies for the Photo Booth

Our team's graphic design expert, Sasha, put together bios and props to represent noteworthy women whose work was groundbreaking in their respective fields.

Photos with Our Colleagues

Some of the inaugural members of MIT Sloan Women 4 Women (and friends) got the fun started.

Celebrating Together

We set up in the lobby of E62. All were welcome to come learn about our new group and take fun photos in commemoration of Women's History Month, 2020.