Renzo Hidalgo

HBC Co-President MBA 2022

I moved to the US at the age of 12, and although my high school was very diverse, I was shocked at the low number of hispanic and URM students of the University I attended, even if it was just a few miles away from my highschool. These low numbers were a huge eye opener for me as they displayed all the disadvantages we could have as we try to achieve higher education. Furthermore, I was surprised to know how much support and prep others had gotten compared to me or other kids from my low income school.

To me, the More than Ready Pre-MBA Scholarship is our way to give back a small lending hand to make sure you can achieve your potential. This scholarship was born from all the different struggles we experienced in our different journeys, and it is our opportunity to pay it forward. We encourage you to apply and keep pushing yourself because we are all confident that you are capable of achieving great heights!