Jessica Leon

HBC Co-President MBA/MPA 2022

As a daughter of Mexican farmworkers from a rural town in Idaho, I found it difficult to see myself in any leadership or professional position. Thankfully through grit, perseverance, and the opportunity to build a network, I have successfully progressed in my career and accomplished my own unimaginable goals. I realize that our zip codes should not hinder our potential. I never imagined I would pursue a master's, let alone at two amazing institutions, an MBA at MIT Sloan and MPA at the Harvard Kennedy School. My road to an MBA/MPA was not easy. I struggled with the test and preparing my application. I took the GRE seven times and spent thousands of dollars in tutoring and test prep materials. Everyone has their journey, but I decided no test was going to defeat me. Thankfully, with my mentor's support, I was able to find the necessary support and resources to help me get across the finish line - thank you, IVY Advisors and Rising Farmworkers Dream Fund, who supported me on my journey. Now more than ever, we need the Latinx community to apply to MBA programs as the Latinx community and our purchasing power grows. Business leaders need to ensure our entire society is reaping the economic benefits by providing them with the tools and resources to do so.