Claudia Moreno

HBC Co-President MBA 2022

As someone who struggled with the GMAT/GRE for many years, I know firsthand the emotional, physical, and spiritual stress this MBA journey has for many first-generation folks. Coming from a low-income community, I was one of few students in my high school to attend a four-year university. My college experience showed me that I was already at a disadvantage because of my zip code compared to my peers. But with mentorship and guidance, I persevered and accomplished many things I never imagined existed, much less possible. Seeing the disparity play out on all educational levels has motivated me to address these systematic issues. No one should have to question their potential or intellect to succeed in business school because of a standardized test. By launching the More than Ready Pre-MBA Scholarship, I fully believe we will address the initial barriers that have historically prevented us from applying, let alone attend these great business schools.