Andrew Mairena

Former HBC Co-President, MBA 2019

My personal success would simply not have happened if it was not for the coaching, guidance, and support of family, friends, faculty, and staff in my life. Whether it was my City College Professor who provided me a stipend to pursue research for the first time or my SHPE familia supporting me while I pursue an engineering degree, I was fortunate to have these individuals in my life. Being a son of a Mexican mother and a Nicaraguan father, I could only get their moral support in my endeavors and so I relied on others for strategic advice, especially applying to college & master programs.

In my own MBA journey, I noticed that the support network was not as strong for Latinx because the MBA seems elusive, discouraging many to even apply. However, the MBA has created amazing opportunities and introduced me to people that I would not have imagined. For those reasons, I am proud that the HBC community is launching the More than Ready Pre-MBA Scholarship, to identify those who Pay It Forward so we can support them in their journey of pursuing an MBA.